Текст песни Empyrium - Under Dreamskies

A Wintersunset...
Жанр: Folk Metal / Black Doom
Исполнитель: Empyrium
Альбом: A Wintersunset...
Длительность: 10:11
Рейтинг: 1231
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Terrify


Storm skies from the nights Shadows of the forest lie inside And gleaming emeralds in decorative tones Brushed by the ice under circles Her timeless beauty started to wither A green voice in her heart She touched the red leaves in sorrow A farewell was found inside Oh my dreamless night Again under the sea of moonshine of this night Through darkened place in times of pale we have traversed Do not fear the wounds of their swords Let me dream of crystal lakes Lit by the sun, the moon or the stars Of green meadows and creations of elves and proud pagan hearts Oh let me retreat 'neath fields embraced by winds and by your kiss Oh you dwell in these ancient woods where the fantasy begins Under dreamskies we will march towards the fortress of our love The fair credence known to us will be as long as eternal kiss
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