Текст песни Lily Allen - Holding On To Nothing (Bonus Track)

Sheezus [CD2]
Жанр: Pop
Исполнитель: Lily Allen
Альбом: Sheezus [CD2]
Длительность: 03:00
Рейтинг: 639
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Загрузил: DiProff


[Verse 1:] Sometimes I see his face I want to hold you but it feels unsafe Too scared to give me heart up now I'm not brave enough to play my part now [Bridge 1:] Can you guarantee that you'll stay Here with me, with me [Verse 2:] Feels strange like a foreign thing I'm still waiting for the love to kick in Sometimes when I watch you sleeping I keep hand to check you're breathing [Bridge 2:] It's not fair, not your fault Not at all, not at all [Hook:] Once bitten, twice shy I try and I try, I try Cause I'm holding on to nothing I'm holding on to nothing Once bitten, twice shy [Verse 3:] I can't seem to find the strength What's the point in keeping you at arm's length I want to love you but I can't imagine What I'd do if the worst did happen [Bridge] [Hook] [Bridge 3:] Where I've been, never thought No I won't go back Couldn't take anymore I'm not going back Going back, going back [Hook]
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