Текст песни Imelda May - Tribal

Жанр: Rockabilly
Исполнитель: Imelda May
Альбом: Tribal
Длительность: 03:00
Рейтинг: 3823
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Загрузил: vidik6666


You welcome that moster while he groop alone Round your people to get more strong Don't kock with all of us so we all in defence We're a clue for a clue so we have defence When the ....tribal, ooh, tribal, ooh, tribal, ooh And that's the song that come and goes Then come late and by the way is lost What will need to knock your mind? Prepare for the ...one of the kinds What will bring on ... Ooh, tribal, ooh, tribal, ooh, tribal, ooh Ooh, tribal, ooh, tribal, ooh, tribal, ooh ...come to junior Got all my proud, what's fine for you, for me make it right It's great to be usefull Gonna have something to belong Waiting all the round on just to see Some one knew all the ... Cuz if you agree with a million fool Or you are with me and rock the blues Well can drop the ...and its time to sing Ooh, tribal, ooh, tribal, ooh, tribal, ooh
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