Текст песни Pandora - Promise

Зарубежная Дискотека 90-Х Vol.1
Жанр: Eurodance
Исполнитель: Pandora
Альбом: Зарубежная Дискотека 90-Х Vol.1
Длительность: 04:28
Рейтинг: 7002
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ALIENFS


Aaaah, once again how am I supposed to manage Open your eyes feelin' I can't stand it You can be a dream or a terrible nightmare Hey yo! It just ain't fare Sneakin' lyin' everytime you're tryin' To get things right but you still keep denyin' Promise, promise what can I say You can't go on tell him that everyday I promise to stay we'll find a way to recover Time will tell if we belong to each other (2X) Come on, come on (find a way) Come on, come on (find a way) Come on, come on, let's go get away. Hey-ey-ey-ey. (2X) One more chance, are you gonna take it Heart says yes but mind says break it Think twice before you're gonna hit it Heard this before. So dontcha repeat it Diggedy don't take this love for granted Listen up soon it's replaced by hatred I can tell by the way people are And I hope you ain't gone too far A-yeah. Let's go get away now Hu! Let's go get away now (2x) Drop the ballistics hard! I promise to stay. I promise to stay Come on, now do it hard! I promise to stay Get funky, get funky, get funky We belong to each other
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