Текст песни Tyrese - Criminal Mind (Feat. Heavy D)

Blue Streak - OST / Бриллиантовый полицейский - Саундтрек
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Tyrese
Альбом: Blue Streak - OST / Бриллиантовый полицейский - Саундтрек
Длительность: 05:05
Рейтинг: 3958
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Загрузил: Jeam-T


featuring Heavy D [Tyrese] I've got a criminal mind Ohhh oh oh [Heavy] C'mon what what what what uh uh 1 These days I wonder if crime pays Blinded by criminal minded ways Smokin' on ya hay (Turn it up) Uh huh These days cats be pushin' me places I ain't supposed to be Money got a hold of me controlin' me [Nichole & Audrey] 2 I've got a criminal mind I can't help it I'm on my way To pick up the pieces It's the only way I see myself gettin' to the other side That's why I've got a criminal mind [Tyrese] City lights, diamond sky What a beautiful thing, to be alive Everything, is all that I desire Paper's in my hand, a chance to leap higher Repeat 2 [Tyrese] Everywhere but felt your life's standing still You want so much more than the world has to give I can't see myself workin' every day Makin' no money, barely getting paid I should probably regret All that I've done, in the past But as I turn the pages of my life I see you ride up again [Heavy] Y'all still don't hear me? Okay, check this out, yo It's the D I It's the D I It's the D I G G Y, D A double D Y He be fly, all day With a P I, G E, okay Police got a freeze on my diamonds Did 2 years in the pen, I'm back again And this time, I got to win I'm a theif by nature, steal your love I'm a crook with a hook and a plan for thugs, uh-huh Y'all don't hear me, huh? Y'all don't hear me, huh? Repeat 1 I'mma tell y'all somethin' Y'all gon' still question my capabilities? Are you stupid? You sucka Repeat 2 Repeat 2 Repeat 2 [Heavy] (Outro) Y'all don't see me How we get down, ya know what I'm sayin? Whatever's necessary, we gon' be 'bout it Cuz we 'bout it, for real (they know we 'bout it though) (Man, tell 'em how you do it) Listen man, I got to get what I get any way I can get it Man, y'all hear me? (I know that's right)
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