Текст песни Army Of The Pharaohs - Curse of the Pharaohs (feat. Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Celph Titled, Esoteric, Reef the Lost Cauze)

In Death Reborn
Жанр: Underground Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Army Of The Pharaohs
Альбом: In Death Reborn
Длительность: 04:03
Рейтинг: 2292
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Загрузил: TheSupremeHop


[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] I got no time for extra shit I'm like a bad film editor with extra clips You never shit where you eat unless you extra bitch You never get no relief like you next to pitch I'm on the throne all alone where the Devil sit Son of the wise high lye chem mentalist Laugh at the unbeliever you malevolent He's only half as nice sacrifice a sinner man Praise me the God he define logical Put me at the foul line take two shots at you Death life, life death so horrible Let this motherfucking Bulldog bark at you [Verse 2: Apathy] Jubala, Jubalo Jubalum I'm a giant on this earth fee fi fo fum Cerebellum overloader make your brain stem numb Super fans make their bitch wanna swallow my cum You can't clash with a Pharaoh there's nowhere to run As quick as I get the clip and it go in the gun Everything is slow motion blood go in your lungs Ridiculous as Icarus flying close to the sun I'm a Supernova nobody escapes my gravity Graffiti on the moon spelling out the name Apathy Undisputed King of the Milky Way Galaxy I'd eat your whole squad but I got a wackness Allergy Tyrannical, oversized Cannibal I'm the son of Samuel, murder without the manual The tomb of King Tut pimp sluts rip guts From opponents while I'm drinking their blood from my pimp cup [Hook] 2x Pharaoh Clique We bust ya shit You know it’s no holds barred When the bars we spit It goes: what-what? It goes: what-what? (Pharaohs!) AOTP get your wig split! [Verse 3: Celph Titled] Times change, but my mind-frame just loves war Ted Danson from Cheers? I'm a buck north I exploit performers that's wack Record raps on my phone's voice recorder app Call me the hunchback, for keeping my city on my spine Cause I been making tracks since Ahab (?) Get your bitch far more wet When I get paid, it's a fuckin' party with a giant cardboard check The Army is a hardcore set Paper before pussy, these haters is all rookies I give 'em bowling ball nookies No warning shots mister I empty ammo crates til my palms got blisters [Verse 4: Esoteric] Ayo Pharaoh death blow, the violent tempo The soul get to me like the pirates rip throat ? ? When you rhyme I'm (heartfelt?) Design, my heart sails (De Lima?) cartel, is five times bigger The Czar melts your mind I spit like a .9 Is that fast? I don't even know I typically use a EE-3 Carbine Rifle that Boba Fett shoot Execute rappers underwater, tie a wire to their wetsuit Barracudas eat 'em, we don't need 'em We beat 'em, them we bleed 'em out Trash 'em and delete 'em [Verse 5: Reef The Lost Cauze] Taste the beast, I'm a motherfuckin' Minotaur Get your hot flash like an old broad with Menopause AOTP clique, those been my dogs You don't believe in me? You can't believe there is a God You must be an Atheist They don't ever try and test me, I must be the craziest You ain't make a move yet? You must be the laziest Your team is shook, and I bet you the shakiest I split your head to the white meat The gun's roar is so fuckin' loud, you'd think that it was Bike Week I'm from Philly, where the cost of life cheap 50 bones get you gone by Ricans down Pike Street I'm not a (?) creation, I'm not a hype beast I am the embodiment of dope rhymes and a right beat I am the result of Scarface and Ice-T Tan trees, white tees, my niggas think just like me I'm tight shit [Hook] 2x [Apathy] AOTP raw rap forever!
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