Текст песни Dope D.O.D. - Barbwire / I Spy

Master Xploder
Жанр: Dubstep / Hardcore Rap
Исполнитель: Dope D.O.D.
Альбом: Master Xploder
Длительность: 06:08
Рейтинг: 5041
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: method_85


intro: what......say what...ohhh shit....shit...hahahahah...you know it's own my rown for y'all fake layin', tyrin', stupid, no-flow havin', no-style havin', broke, pussy-ass rapperzz... [chorus] when I see a door, I gotta kick it in when I see a jaw, I gotta kick a chin when you see my jaw, you know it's kickin' in when I'm on the floor, I see the ceiling spit.../wasted/ Skitzz: flickering, spinning, wimps shine when I'm kickin' in pickering, slithering, slime lips, gibber rint../tickin-a/ time-Bomb in the mind, no citizen../livin/ life outside the box y'all sitting in with sickening flow, chick licking my toe I got athletes foot though.../uuuuuhh, oops/ all good to me, still popping the me pill sipping some Krayne ///(something about weed I think) and I fuck with the refill rappers on the other hand can't pay the week bill wanna label me but they never gonna see deal I fuck a bitch...she chills!... you gotta bitch...she yells!... cuz all ya washed up like sea shells the way the weed smells I'm never gonna quit it the way my brain feelz maybe for a minute you standing at the door you better let me in it cuz I ain't on the list and I ain't gotta ticket../mothafucker/.. you know what's kickin in (x5) I see the ceiling spit.. Jayy: I guess to get it in..//yeah// I guess to go get my shit, get my medicine...Eminem, you got to tell a friend the Reaper back and I'm raising up the roof again with a loosin Gin.. high of mike, the opposite of pillow right you couldn't find a simple trace of a breakin side to me.. yeah, a good nigga a bizz but only for me is on the ecstasy
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