Текст песни Benefit - Believe

Танцевальный Рай Для Влюблённых 8
Жанр: Ballad
Исполнитель: Benefit
Альбом: Танцевальный Рай Для Влюблённых 8
Длительность: 04:55
Рейтинг: 1267
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Mmmmmmm.......Yeah......No no no no no no no... yea...ohhhh... hey my baby why you lookin so down? seems like ya need a lovin. baby you need a girl like me around. hey my baby tell me why u cry. Here take my hand and wipe those tears from you eyes. Can I talk to you? (Can I talk to u?) comfort you? (Ohhhh ohh wooh) Let you know (just wanna let you know) I care for you (you...) Can I talk to you? (I wanna talk...) comfort you? (Got to let ya know baby, hey) Let you know (I, wanna let you know..I care..) I care 4 u. Hey sexy baby why'd ya girl leave you in pain? to let a fine man like you go She must be insane. Hey sexy baby There's no need to worry no. Oh, boy if you call on me I'll come, I'll come in a hurry! Can I talk to you (C'mon...) comfort you (I...love you) Let you know (Ohhh, Baby..) I care for you (I love you, yes I do...) Can I talk to you (I wanna talk...nooo) comfort you (give me a chance..) Let you know(I wanna let you know,gotta let you know,that I love You...hey) I care 4 u (hear me say). Hold on (Hold on) Stay strong (Stay strong) Press On (For me, babyyyy...) I care for you (I care 4 u...) Hold on (Hold...on) Stay Strong (Stay...strong) Press On (Press on...4 me, baby...) I care 4 u. 2x (all) Can i talk to you (I...wanna talk...) comfort you (I wanna hold you tight, baby...) Let you know (I wanna let you know) I care for you (that, that I care...for you.....)
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