Текст песни Kaskade - Wink Of An Eye (Feat. Becky Jean Williams)

The Calm
Жанр: House / Deep House
Исполнитель: Kaskade
Альбом: The Calm
Длительность: 04:06
Рейтинг: 384
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Загрузил: AlexMonaco


One startling afternoon You sauntered into the room And you sat down next to me Calm and casually Raised your brow to see me And fashionably set out complicating things As if you want to know why To me you apply So easily As if you want to know why And the fire I couldn't light Never typified my life Cause mine without you was just fine, Really, very nice And I only made believe It impossible you'd be Everything you seemed And in the wink of an eye Now to me you apply So, suddenly Yeah in the wink of an eye So, suddenly
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