Текст песни Rush - Good News First

Snakes & Arrows
Жанр: Progressive Rock
Исполнитель: Rush
Альбом: Snakes & Arrows
Длительность: 04:52
Рейтинг: 736
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Загрузил: Vziel


The best we can agree on is it could have been worse. What happened to your old benevolent universe? You know the one with stars that revolve around you beaming down full of promises to bring good news. You used to feel that way. The saddest words you could never say-- but I know you'll remember that day and the most beautiful words I could ever say. The worst thing about it all is that you might have been right and I'm still not really sure what started that fight. But I still get this feeling there's more trouble ahead. So never mind that bad news let's have the good news instead. Some would say they never fear a thing. Well, I do. And I'm afraid enough for both of us-- for me and you. Time, if nothing else, will do it's worst so do me that favor and tell me the good news first.
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