Текст песни Marduk - Dreams Of Blood And Iron

Жанр: Black Metal
Исполнитель: Marduk
Альбом: Nightwing
Длительность: 06:20
Рейтинг: 933
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Загрузил: Fortlin


The ravagings through his homeland gave the dragon the realm of Sebes By saving his people from the turks and powers fatal to the flesh But the turkish sultan Murad saw this as a treason to their deal And swore to his god that one day the dragons fate he would seal Across the donau with peace in mind the three of them ride Dracul his father and brother was captured on the floods other side The dragon swore his soul to the turkish realm of the sand And left his sons to their fate in the infidel muslim land As time went by Dracul for humans grew a great disgust Aswell as expiering the pleasures of the harem sinful lust Decietfulness, intrepidity and cruelty would become his name Man or beast, muslim or christian it would all be the same Brother Radu won the hearts of the turks and become Murads own son While Vlad's powerful innerself would make him king in the long run But as a thunderbolt from clearblue sky Message that father Dracul had died Words have arrived that brother Mircea has been captured and buried alive Dracul swore that his killer, Hunyadi, wouldn't be able to survive Along with the turks he turned against the first goal he could see The wallachian throne ruled by pro hungarian family Danesti Two months later Dracul was cast out from rule By conspiering forces who feared the lion and desired a mule In fear of the turks and his father hungarian slayers He fled to Moldavia and hoped that lord Bogdan would answer to his prayers Lord Bogdan of Moldavia has fallen from rule in a pool of blood Assassinated by rivalry powermongers to the fathersbrother of prince Vlad Strenghtened by promises of his cousins blood and steel Dracul now will force his opponents to before him kneel His fathers and brothers killers trust he now will earn The realm of Transilvania awaits with fear his return With twenty thousand crusaders he will drive poles through Every followers of Danesti ruler Vladislav II
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