Текст песни Marduk - From Subterranean Throne Profound

Opus Nocturne
Жанр: Black Metal
Исполнитель: Marduk
Альбом: Opus Nocturne
Длительность: 07:47
Рейтинг: 695
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Frozen_storm


A look on the crucified one Gives us strength in soul and mind This moment breeds hate undivine So look, oh sinner, and be satisfied Only for our guilt he sacrificed his weak life Sure as the night will come He hanged on the cursed tree He who sacrificed his holy life He who was sent to bear our guilt For god the almighty No agony, no tears, only the blood Can bring reconsolidation Therefore our blood floats in swift streams From veins open wide We mock and crush with delight All what your holy trinity represents Once fallen from halls up high But now descending from the depths of the earth From subterranean throne profound My fathers kingdom The light can's save me For too long the intensity of darkness burned By burial this night my journey has begun Tonight I'll reach my fathers kingdom
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