Текст песни Rob Sonic - Sniper Picnic

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Жанр: Punk-Rock
Исполнитель: Rob Sonic
Альбом: Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Длительность: 03:40
Рейтинг: 1081
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Загрузил: andrew_cj


(Rob Sonic, spoken) This is the sniper picnic, we got my man Creature We got Hangar 18, Big Wiz on the one and two, Fred Ones behind the boards And we gonna do it, a little somethin' like... (Rob Sonic) They want more feel to come out of it so They stood there watchin' all the counterfeits show Tell everybody that the pauper's here And you can tell by the pellets they took out of his man You're better off breakin' your analysis' nose Especially if your're young and you're talented The checks generally got them balances though There's them stars on the helmets like they're Dallas's, go One way, innocence, two way radio Gateway druggie with the run down ratio War time crazy, go great with my look in fact Ripped shit, bill a sale, stared when I took it back You on some afternoon raps for the CD- Crowd (show, you're?) syndicated, trapped on repeat I'm on some late night, canned if I don't eat sleep Honolu Vincent Price bad luck tiki Bad in-flight plan, buckle-in Truck rhyme, nozzle flow, high-code government Auto-response, beats made of bufferin' Wildstyle, peace of mind, wheat paste puzzlin' (Creature) Stand out, like a midget on stilts ridin' a unicycle With a rifle as big as a stilt, ready to snipe you Look, your own mens say they don't like you They say you act like a bitch when she's on her menstrual cycle Your parents should've advised you It's apparent a blind man must've guided you You ain't built to do the things that I do Young Muddy Waters, Creats flow like he's out the Bayou Inner City Blues, make you bleed, but I'm not Piru Soul food for thought for seeds and sinners, too Curt Mayfield, or Kurt Cobain The boy heroin, need to squirt him in your veins, YUH (Rob Sonic) Quickly, get to the top of the roof And head behind the car where the arsenal moved And right beside the well, use the operative rounds To let these motherfuckers know, there's no stoppin' you now It goes- Downtown, up top, all about, audio New York, New York, all about, audio Downtown, up top, all about, audio New York, New York, all about, audio (Windnbreeze) (Blitz sky?), polymorphic Hangar-eight-status Swerve care-free, always did, no bounds out of it Cloaked down, summonin' my sumo-samurai Larynx, catalyst, switch blade, carriage ride Come on baby, don't cry, two-wheel spokesperson Indo in your window, crack shadow where you flows circlin' Boys burglin' soundscape, caught up in the scenery Respond in a lounge- wait, caught up in a dream of me Walkin' with a dramamine, spinnin' like I'm Seraphine Afro-king dime, Lyme disease flow-er One-touch, finger flooder, no quip Got the Hangar bolt on the shoulderpad, star on the helmet tip (Alaska) Son, take a moment, catch your breath and own it Home is for the heretics and Merrill-Lynch components Nepotize, extra fries, five-alive, pesticides Pride patriotic, gotta gobble up the exercise Aerobic (class cats) phobias (abstract) Fast-track race pace faith-based (scratch that) Calomine or palomine, a Valentine to wash it Downtown signs, why am I resigned to rock it? Mechanical, arm-and-leg and beggin' for the armageddon Army's gettin' ready for spaghetti western confrontations Patience is a virtue that I work through as I case the joint Anoint, take the apron, cut the strings, and I made my point
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