Текст песни Anaal Nathrakh - The Final Absolution

Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here
Жанр: Black Metal / Grindcore
Исполнитель: Anaal Nathrakh
Альбом: Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 479
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Загрузил: Strike_26


(I love it all) I have come to (be your sake) Women and children will be ours Innocent (without) (knows/those) (Through/Prove) it, (rip us apart/impossible) You'll atone for your crimes (Lord, dying, without air) [chorus] The tracks of worship million strong Yet the challis was poison With me a serpent standing strong Witnessing the death of God Blood dropping all down (from the hate within) We are born into war (I look/Oil/Boil) beyond the picture Without (regulates/ray of light/real light) You'll atone for your crimes I am the plague of (all) [chorus] The Final Absolution (Murder/Now die), die, all of you The Final Absolution And in the end who will rot? (Who's left alive) You'll atone for your crimes {cannot understand line} [chorus]
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