Текст песни Tsavo - Beyond A Moth To Light

An Ocean Of Chaos
Жанр: Alternative Rock / Post-Grunge
Исполнитель: Tsavo
Альбом: An Ocean Of Chaos
Длительность: 04:05
Рейтинг: 603
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: IAmJericho


Cut in half these shallow seas and listen to the mark of the beast. Forgive me, this strange way of being... My desire is for one simple thing: to grow. There is so much to see so far beyond the fire's edge. Patiently waiting to transcend while thinking, then looking and listening for something, not right or reason. At the slightest point of a second in space where time is so much more than order. Slide, crawl, stand up tall... Lift, float, then fly so high... Now see this unfold, watch heaven manifest. So grow now child, just grow. Chasing the tail of a demon they will never know, but how could they? Set in wrong ways and old teachings, and living a lie. We must succumb to erasing... Erasing... Erasing... Erasing. There is so much to see so far beyond the fires edge Cast out all deceit and swallow your pride to see this cannot be the way that we were meant to be. So grow...
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