Текст песни Reamonn - Starship

Жанр: Rock
Исполнитель: Reamonn
Альбом: Wish
Длительность: 03:16
Рейтинг: 3868
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: freeman


Step into my Starship Let’s go for a ride Step into this moment We’ll fly through the night And when the fools are making wars We’ll be up here among the stars Step into my Starship Just you and I I’m looking through a keyhole At the deep blue sky I’m searching for a future For you and I And when the sun begins to shine Well the fools be going blind Looking through a keyhole Of the deep blue sky Well you think you got something to say So stand up something to say You turn on your radio And the big man’s coming your way And still you want to run And still you want to hide And still you think your Starship’s Waiting outside You think that you can run You think that you can hide You think that you’ve been living such a beautiful life but there is no place to run no there’s no place to hide you think that you can disappear from this world I’m looking in your eyes See that you’re surprised Well baby there’s no Starship Waiting outside For you and me Cruising in a Starship High and free When the fools are making war We’ll be out there among the stars Cruising in a Starship Just you and me Living in a Starship Living in a Starship Cruising in a Starship I’m living in a Starship
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