Текст песни Gloomy Grim - Asylum

Blood, Monsters, Darkness
Жанр: Melodic Black / Atmospheric Black / Sympho Black
Исполнитель: Gloomy Grim
Альбом: Blood, Monsters, Darkness
Длительность: 03:54
Рейтинг: 619
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Fear of Eternity


1998 Blood, Monsters, Darkness - 02 Asylum Dark Forest, Mighty Force Of Nature My Deed is done, Betrayer got What he deserved Here is my place I must live alone, with my dreams Of Darkness and Purity No one can understand my way of life So, nothing but Hate remains You said you are The True One, But that you were NOT. Your body is now buried And to Hell your soul will be send I said to you that Traitors Will be Punished, So enjoy your trip to The Realm Of The Master. Rites of Immortality Still echoes in My mind, When I am remembering our Coven Those deeds of Darkness Were best times of My life Now I am only waiting... ...That The Lord shall Arise
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