Текст песни Nazareth - Robber And The Roadie

Жанр: Hard Rock
Исполнитель: Nazareth
Альбом: Boogaloo
Длительность: 04:21
Рейтинг: 2620
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Загрузил: Vziel


When Willie met Ronnie he was runnin' up a track He was bent down, burned out, carryin' a sack Come on boy, you got to stop and help me some And keep this money hidden when the police come Ronnie was shiverin' and makin' funny sounds He was lookin' like a fox That was runnin' from the hounds Sure little buddy, I can lighten up your load You half it up, I'll hit it up, I'll take it down the road Never had a better combination been planned 'Cos Willie was a roadie with a rock 'n' roll band They were heads back, celebratin', drinkin' moonshine Heads down, here we go across another state line Tanked up and bullet proof They couldn't give a monkey's Damn if he didn't hide the money in a drum case Pack 'em up, hit em up, do another show The robber and the roadie got a long way to go Willie and Ronnie Anytime they wanted they would pull another job Anywhere they found a place And it was fat enough to rob If Ronnie saw the police he would make a little sign Then Willie stuck the money in the band's back line In the main racks, bass stacks Anywhere he thought it could Be hidden out of sight Until the finished out in Hollywood Split it down the middle When they took it out the sound The robber and the roadie got enough to go around Willie and Ronnie The robber and the roadie Forty seven days and they had only one to go When the telegram arived To say the band wouldn't show The crowd was getting' nasty and it turned into a rage The bottles and the bodies started coverin' the stage Then the cops came running in And breaking up the riotin' When they saw the money falling Out the back of everything Hey little buddy think it's time to run and duck The robber and the roadie could be runnin' out of luck Willie and Ronnie had to skip it out of town They were sittin' by the highway like Jackson Browne They were stickin' out their thumbs In the middle of the night When they saw the car comin' with the spinnin' red light Wide eyed, tongue tied feelin' pretty stranded No use in runnin' they were caught red handed Pull 'em in, lock 'em up, put 'em in a row The robber and the roadie got nowhere to go Willie and Ronnie The robber and the roadie We got state police and the FBI Willie and Ronnie You get a big reward If you can make these boy's mamas cry The robber and the roadie We got the national guard and the bear in the sky Willie and Ronnie You get a big reward if you can make these mothers cry The robber and the roadie
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