Текст песни The Game - Cali Niggaz

The Documentary II (Mixtape)
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: The Game
Альбом: The Documentary II (Mixtape)
Длительность: 07:26
Рейтинг: 523
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Загрузил: method_85


The Game Speaking ------ From California Born in Seminole Hospital nigga, November 29, 1979 On some G shit My moms ain't scream or nothing And I ain't never cried nigga The Game [Screwed] ------ Motherfucker I'm from Compton, the hub city, I brought some thugs with me, that'll set up shop and get rid of drugs quickly, drive Cutlass Supremes, on gold D's, puff sticky, love Tupac to death and still bump Biggie. Welcome to the west side, where them Tec's fly, dope boys drive them S5's, come smoke and get the best high, who the fuck said the west died, you dead, this the left side, I will Heckler & Koch, pop shots, for my [Cali Niggas]. Deal niggas, then smoking aces fucking with my [Cali Niggas]. Leave them with poker faces, red rag, pull it down so they know it's Jayceon, riding down Wilshire, 07 Charger, K&M Filter, high speed burning it up for my [Cali Niggas]. My life real like it was directed by Hype Williams, I started off with visions of stacking Benjamins to the ceiling. The more gang banging, the more killing, the more drug dealing, the more cap peeling. We all [Cali Niggaz] Ya Boy [Screwed] ------ Ay, From Frisco, never rode a 6-4, they might ghost ride, ghost ride, but Ya Boy is low pro. Stay on the low though, Black Tims, Lacross polo, Black peekhole, long nose 4-4. Ya never got your hands dirty, I'm outside with the grams early, Puffing life by the gram heard me. How's a bird, grinding the curb. And if I get caught put me in a cell with my [Cali Niggas]. On the block, busting shots with my Cali Niggas, fucking with them boys up in Watts, we all [Cali Niggas]. We run deep, hit Compton and rally niggas, Hurricane Game, line them up, let me tally niggas. Trouble makers, call them big guns, rumble makers, let the thunderquake 'em introduce them to the undertaker. Palm trees, big sun with the calm breeze, you can call me one of the re, realest [Cali Niggas]. K-Dot [Screwed] ------ Yes, Southern Cali, home of the Chuck Taylors, not Bally's, far from Vegas, but Sin City, Abso, put me on it, chronic in the air, catch the vapors, house parties, hungover through morning, see thats a [Cali Nigga] You see I'm from the murderous blocks, Compton, California where you'd rather get caught with your gun on you, see it's as hot as a sauna, and in the winter time, niggas don't walk out without kissing they momma, life of a [Cali Nigga]. Hip-hop trying to take the life of us [Cali Niggas]. Don't call them rappers, address them as Bill O'Reilly niggas, but we gon get them and we kill em, address them as some Hally niggas. never the more they say they ain't feeling these [Cali Niggas]. When ya'll was ditching class over these hoes man, I was at Centennial catching fades over dice games. That's one years ago, 350 days, 350 ways, I switch the flow, a hot [Cali Nigga] I am a good dude to work with, destroy your life or destroy these rap verses, life's a bitch, so I buy whatever she wants, and hope heaven can be my reimburstment. Milk the game until I see her on the couch roaming this earth surface, at first I was parched, but now I'm the thristiest, dehydrated, hungry, frustrated, one of the greatest [Cali Niggas] Dubb [Screwed] ------ Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, I'm on the Wall Street like a stock broker, then I'm back to the hood where they pop toasters, Every nigga screaming war, they is not soldiers, selling crack in the hood with my [Cali Niggas] Look, I'm shitting on everything moving, this on my chain ain't a label it's a movement, fuck with caps, it's a nail in the coffin, look, I shoot arms like heroin addicts, look, a hater shit get drastic, you my son, they kill me, you end up a b
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