Текст песни Words Of Farewell - Overture (Bonus Track)

The Black Wild Yonder
Жанр: Melodic Death
Исполнитель: Words Of Farewell
Альбом: The Black Wild Yonder
Длительность: 04:42
Рейтинг: 392
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Saint-Germain


Set out to claim what fate is rightfully yours May your screams send out ripples through eternity As you're cast into the pandemonium of life Thrown into the wild sea you don’t know where to go ashore The struggle against embitterment may never end Rancor giving birth to a sense of desperation Those once halcyon days forever gone Black despair is but an overture to what is yet to come Having lost your way in the dark You’ve yet caught but a glimpse of the abyss For little do you know about the end of the world Until you see it crumble one fateful day Shipwrecked and stranded on yet uncharted lands Stumbling through the unknown you have to prepare For the worst to come your way This might be your last call uttered with dying breath They say childhood is over when you know you will die Spending a lifetime in misery leads not to closure But to animosity which we all claim our fate This is the sad truth of those who set their sails
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