Текст песни Robin Williams - Batty Rap


Yo, the name is Batty, The logic is erratic, Potato in a jacket, Toys in the attic, I rock and I ramble, My brain is scrambled, Rap like an animal but I'm a mammal All of our cosmetics are non-carcinogenic! I been brain-fried, electrified, 'fected and injectified, Vivisectified and fed pesticide, My face is all cut up, 'Cause my radar's all shut up Nurse, I need a check-up from the neck up, I'm Batty It seems to have no effect, Doctor... GET ME ANOTHER ONE! GET ME ANOTHER ANIMAL! They used and abused me, Battered and bruised me, Red wires green wires stuck em' right through me! So hear my Batty word, And excercize a little prudence, When dealing with humans. (Disjointed) Phone call for Mister Darwin! Phone call! If all the graduate students would please move closer... Scapel...More nitrus oxide Thomas... The Eye makup, when inserted rectally, has some effect... Remove the brain cap... If you notice, by dipping the bat in a series of paints... After 600 packs of cigarrettes, the animals seem to exhibit some carcinogenic tendancies... Mister (inaudible) white courtesy phone! I said ORALLY! Oh god, I'm reading by my genitals! I don't care what you think, you're a graduate student! Just do it! Insert the elec...you're losing him! All of our cosmetics are non-carcinogenic! Get me another one! Get me ANOTHER ANIMAL! Look professor, they dance up and down, just like Elvis! Fine...if you could just put him...strap him down, if he moves, medicate him. Medicate him! MEDICATE HIM! MEDICATE MEEEEEE! It seems to have no effect, doctor. Thank you nurse...why don't you ever call me? As you see, the animals don't really feel pain... THEY JUST GET USED TO IT! Cause I'm a real fruit bat and I'm ready to rap, I'm ready to snap, I suffer from sciatica and chapped lips, And jock itch! Like a rocket in my pocket and a need to scratch, Ah! But now I can't stop it, I'm Batty (Batty, Batty)...I'm Batty (Batty Batty)... I'm a real fruit bat and my logic is erratic, I'm Batty (Batty, Batty)...I'm Batty (Batty Batty)... It's my Batty rap! Shave his head, you idiot, it's just an ANIMAL! my Batty rap! Just take a little off the side that'll be...OW! my Batty rap! Who's Batty? Moi.
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