Текст песни Neuro-Sentence - The Edict

The Shores Of Anhedonia
Жанр: Industrial / EBM / Darkwave
Исполнитель: Neuro-Sentence
Альбом: The Shores Of Anhedonia
Длительность: 06:31
Рейтинг: 389
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ELS-Y


In a dark and distant corner of a cold unknown There lies a realm of horror and jest A swarming globe, ripe for harvest And soon we’ll be upon it The object of our desires Taking what we came for, discarding the rest in our endless fire Useless resistance Mankind will fall Useless resistance We conquer all And our descent from the heavens will incite a world-wide dread As we destroy the primitive powers You chose to rule in our stead We have come again From far away and aeons ago Out of time comes a dimensional woe In the name of the darkest star We rightfully claim all that is ours And the Earth shall be our throne To rule alone Until your gods are bleeding Until we reclaim this fallen world Now with our rule restored Let Cosmic Chaos Forever be adored
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