Текст песни Neuro-Sentence - Inferno (For A Heart)

The Shores Of Anhedonia
Жанр: Industrial / EBM / Darkwave
Исполнитель: Neuro-Sentence
Альбом: The Shores Of Anhedonia
Длительность: 05:14
Рейтинг: 523
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: ELS-Y


You can never trust me, but I am everything you need You will always want me, and the truths you cannot see So far away Too far away I make you question and doubt, the things you thought before me The ruins of your loyalties amongst my raging, freezing sea Worn away Torn away So I wander from one life to the next Inspiring unknown hatred Unknown hatred and respect Eventually you’ll leave me I know the path is hard On the edge of a species With an inferno for a heart The weak and the conquered The sons and daughters of men In the end I’ll destroy you for summoning me without a care Did you believe I was lying when I told you I was not a man? You told me I was evil You told me I was the only one You told me I was your dream and nightmare Now you’ll see I’m not like anyone Eventually you’ll mourn me You knew that from the start So brilliant and seething With an inferno for a heart Always raging, never waning With an inferno for a heart
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