Текст песни Chris Brown ft. Kid Ink ft. Tyga - Main Chick (Remix)

Dope Mix 42
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Chris Brown ft. Tyga ft. Kid Ink
Альбом: Dope Mix 42
Длительность: 04:13
Рейтинг: 853
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Загрузил: method_85


[Intro: Chris Brown] I told her "fuck that nigga" Mustard on the beat ho [Hook: Chris Brown] I don't know your name, but you've heard my name I know why you came... Tryna get that name, but you've heard my name Girl I know you wanna be my main chick, my main chick I said fuck whoever you came with, who you came with I told her "Fuck that nigga" (I don't know ya) [Verse 1: Kid Ink] We sitting in the back of the club Table got a rope in the front (I don't know ya) Uhh you looking real familiar, I could just be a lil' drunk I don't know your name, it's a goddamn shame I don't know how to explain it for ya But, girl, I'm just saying If you got a man back home, I don't know him What, just keep it on the hush Pocket full of trees, don't beat around the bush Walk on green, I can even hear the putt K.O shawty when I hit her with a punchline Get a couple shots when it's crunch time Ducking from my ex like a one time Throw a sign when you really tryn' go Got the car parked right at the door [Hook] [Tyga] AHHH A-all on my line with the same text Fresh off the P.Jet trynna get your pussy wet You super ready, shawty I know that If homie got a problem, we address him, tell him hold that Toat that All my niggas flame up the yoda We could leave in the roaster Doing shit you ain't suppose ta Rozzay, rolex, sex in your new Lex Got a lot of condos I could put you in one Ahhh T-raw I'm something like your papi now, she getting use to me She happy now, watching bridesmaids, think she got it made now Ass up, face down, puff, pass the weed around Young hitter, she just wanna doggy style Pumping snoop album now, balling on the balcony What's your name.. Natalie I ain't even asking ya, I just know you bad as fuck BUT I DON'T [Hook] [Verse 2: Kid Ink] Nah, and you don't know my name, no Just in case you' the feds; I don't know ya I might poured you a drink But don't let it go to your head I know why you .... came Tryna be my main chick (yeah) Passenger side when I lane switch Top back, two seats only Ain't no room for your friends, I don't know them We just seizing the moment Up all night, throw a deuce to the morning (wait) Fly mo'fucka, everything is imported (wait) Don't try to act too important I know your game You got a gang of niggas, all over you But you all over here, on me (on me) Girl, I ain't tryna dog ya (nope) Bad bitch only thing I'll call you [Hook] [Verse 3: Chris Brown] Baby, why you playin'? You heard my name I know why you came She gon' gimme that brain so we can do our thang Let's do that thang What you thinking 'bout me taking you down, yeah I can be your man when he's not around, yeah [Hook]
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