Текст песни T.I. ft. Young Jeezy - Fuck Da City Up

Camaro Music
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: T.I. ft. Young Jeezy
Альбом: Camaro Music
Длительность: 04:34
Рейтинг: 389
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Загрузил: Josh Smith


[Hook: Young Jeezy] This for my niggas on the block dodging one time Grinding hard, burning up at least one nine Put ya middle fingers in the air one time Ride wit me, fuck the city up one time Fuck the city up Fuck the city up Fuck the city up Fuck the city up one time Fuck the city up Fuck the city up Fuck the city up Fuck the city up one time [Verse 1: T.I.] Fresh out the bed getting head in a Range Rove All about that bread, rubberbands on my bankroll Bankhead, Simpson Road this Atlanta bitch So fly, so gangsta, gutter, glamorous We living out your fantasies, suckas can't handle this They know we run the city shawty it's unanimous Shout it out sold yay, nine forty-four K, Quarter, half, whole thang nigga like the old days? Hey, dope boy trap nigga swag Hundred karat chain, quarter mil in the bag I'm no longer poppin' tags I just let 'em hang Sucka nigga doing bad I just do my thang And I ain't frontin', straight by the book--G Code Bad bitch, a flat stomach, fat booty, deep throat Twenty grand in my pants, fifty in my peacoat Jeezy fuckin' wit me and we fuckin' up the city ho [Hook] [Verse 2: Young Jeezy] I seen Jizzle in traffic with his top off So much Louie shit it looking like it knock off Violation, that'll get ya ass knocked off Texas Pete nigga get ya ass hot sauce Ever see me in the club with my shades off It was a cool contest I guess the shades lost 28-5 yeah that's my cost Bitch my closet so big I swear I got lost What? Yeah I think I'm gon' need a map We throw them birdies in the pool make 'em swim a lap Whip it counterclockwise, that's the backstroke Bitch my chain so big look like my back broke Yeah we 'bout to fuck the city up, go broke Bitch I'm balling so hard I need the whole court Six spots in one night they call it club hopping That new Tip and Jizzle shit, it got the club rocking [Hook] [Verse 3: T.I. & Young Jeezy] [T.I.] I'm talkin' A-Town shit, ex lean pound bit Chopper, fifty round clip Keep it with me, I 'on't slip Anyone around Tip bout that drama boy I promise Got a O of presidential, bitch I'm blowin' that Obama [Young Jeezy] Yeah I'm talkin' plenty choppers, scopes on the A-R You know how I do it, Forgiatos on the car When I came up out the womb all I wanna be a star Hope the feds don't stop me, life sentence in the car [T.I.] Hey boy we spittin, reminiscin' bout when we was in the kitchen Representin', niggas payin' bitches need to pay attention And we on for the city freaks, this A-T-L Do it for my nigga Big Meech and B.M.F. nigga [Young Jeezy] Nigga, all I blow is strong bitch I'm straight for the week Order 5000 dollars, threw it all on the freaks Order twenty-five bricks, I put em all on the streets Bitch it's shaketown and we turnt up while you sleep [Hook]
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