Текст песни Nas - You Know My Style - Nas

The Last Prophet: Exodus 2Nd Chapter
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Nas
Альбом: The Last Prophet: Exodus 2Nd Chapter
Длительность: 01:52
Рейтинг: 242
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[Verse 1: Nas] Cup'a Hen', cup'a Goose, cup'a Cris' White chain, colored watch on a wrist Switch lanes in monster whips, ambience Specially dressed, guess who? -- Nas, it's obvious Step to bars, we just order dark liquors Clear liquors, y'all niggas are s-e-x Yes we get respected, eclectic messages Left our brains, straight into a female's estrogen She feels electric, her breasts she's touchin' them Wet 'tween the legs from this thug seduction N-a-s, bend they ass, over-spank it Whisperin' she loves intelligent gangstas Call fatties 'bubbles', call head 'skull' Before I get either I need some Red Bull She'll scream as I pushed in her freezing cold pool When she piss she gon' bleed in the whole stool That's how much I wanna bang and touch her pretty thing Won't pluck no chicken wing, don't fuck with just anything Gotta come up, run up and get touched up Suicide, that's if you confront us [Hook] Don't talk, just hold your breath (breath) Been here a while, only one nigga left (left) And all'a y'all know my style (style) I spend dough but I still let it pile (pile) Mama shake ya thing Coochie get wet while the bass beat bang (bang) You put it on and on and on and on Everybody talkin' 'bout the new Nas song [Verse 2: Nas] Uh, from a boy to a king Love to rock diamonds and fancy rings I'm a thoroughbred, real heavy mayn I'm fuckin' something tonight that's on everything Fellas who beat bodies with me Kidnappers and stick-up kids, they all poli' with me Pop bottles with me, button-up shirts and throwbacks Old cats only roll when I'm in the city And the dance floor it's disgustin' Move your waistline to the basic percussion I'm that, cool laid-back don who won't say nuttin' And laugh when a nigga start frontin' [Hook] [Verse 3: Nas] Rock Tims, rock Chucks, rock Bapes Her light eyes, pretty lips, fly face First you said you would spread for me in an instant See me with the next chick, now you act different Power of the stick shift, now I embarrass her Play your position, you way outta character Do the knowledge, graduated hood college with honors Pay homage to Nas, Dickies and Converse On the eyes shades in the nighttime regardless The army's so thick you can't harm us [Hook]
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