Текст песни Nas - Come Get Me - Nas

The Last Prophet: Exodus 2Nd Chapter
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Nas
Альбом: The Last Prophet: Exodus 2Nd Chapter
Длительность: 02:25
Рейтинг: 328
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Загрузил: method_85


And as a special treat this evening I have asked America's foremost young poet to read his latest poem for us [scratching by DJ Premier:] "ladies and gentlemen.." "Na-Na-Na-Nastradamus" "Everybody watch him" "ladies and gentlemen.." "Na-Na-Na-Nastradamus" "We-we-we came a long way" "ladies and gentlemen.." "Na-Na-Na-Nastradamus" "Everybody watch him" "ladies and gentlemen.." "Na-Na-Na-Nastradamus" [Nas] Yo.. Yo.. yo.. Power and crime, the thugs slingin powder and dimes Twenties of D, is yo' niggaz wilder than mine? My niggaz bust nines, puff lye and stick up cowards for they shine, you resist, then you push up flowers I'm like Luca Brasi, Vito's best hit-man That's "Godfather" shit, back seat, next lit plans Revolvers spit, I'm too tough to bargain with And you don't want the God to pull up the cars that's sick Arms and wrists is lit up, Queensbridge Kings Plaques awards applause when I do my thing Streets is black as midnight, the concrete gray with stains of blood and germ and piss all day Come on the ave, get sized up, plus appraised Duck and pray that my guns dont' bust your way Niggaz with names, livin off reputation Sometimes gotta remind you ain't nothin changin [scratching by DJ Premier:] "ladies and gentlemen.." "Na-Na-Na-Nastradamus" "Everybody watch him" [Chorus: Nas (repeat 2X)] If you ill come get me, cause I ain't runnin If your gun's off the hook then we'll both be gunnin Come get me if you real, cause I ain't scared It's all fair in love and war [1] - and I'm well prepared [2] - we can take it there [Nas] You don't like me clown? Now you wanna take me down? If I bring my face around, you gon' do what? You butt Your crew knew I blew up, I been shinin - baseball diamonds Dick rings for your chicklings Niggaz know what my nine pearl handle's about Fuck you say girlie mouth? Get it krunk like the Dirty South And I know you see me flossed out, multi-milli-i Hear your bitch talk about me, you give her the cold eye? Girls dig you, imagine what she feel for me? You make hot songs, but she know you steal from me Who ill as me? I wild on haters in album three Next level - I take y'all niggaz to 3-D Can't find a nigga shook from Queens I'll be with the most grimy killers (what nigga) and they all look clean who put bombs underneath cars, if you want beef then start Your next stop is to the graveyard [Chorus] [Nas] You too feminine to kill again, jail got you soft You talk but you scared to go back up North Keep your face twisted, but you don't really want nuttin Talk a bunch of shit motherfucker and stop frontin You don't wanna flip again, and sell drugs again Be on the run again, catch you at the Comfort Inn Shoot up your door, bust in on you and your whore Put y'all in bags, clean the blood off of the floor So play tough, I want y'all to get out of line I got nines, every color shape and design I sent killers every race to put one in your spine Two in your ear, get your crew, who do I fear? Nobody never get involved and none of em dyin I think like you do, roll with about two irons Catch me flyin, high in the aircraft winin - and dinin, you die, then we laugh, you bitch-ass ?? to gauze up, your stab wounds While I'm gettin head, in a Lear jet, bathroom With all my goons, all my ice, and suitcases full of paper, not money it's bank statements The Illmatic that explains how we rock Yachts and co-ops, we buy the hood and sell you a block [Chorus] [scratching by DJ Premier:] "ladies and gentlemen.." "Na-Na-Na-Nastradamus" "Everyb
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