Текст песни ScHoolboy Q - Shot You (feat. Jay Rock & Isaiah Rashad)

Special Delivery
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: ScHoolboy Q
Альбом: Special Delivery
Длительность: 07:07
Рейтинг: 305
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: method_85


I take a drag at the square I feel anxious, spit dangerous As the verbal appears, is reflecting my perspective Beer goggle and fear Roll model so hallow Shadow adolescence and a gaggle of them bitches Road to the riches still paved with the ditches Get caught up in the hype, your career is for a night I ain't these other niggas, cause these niggas is fake They ain't popping shot, these niggas is Papa Doc If I ain't meant to shine, beat me up in a rhyme spot No crying til I'm in pine box I got the bitches hittin Mikey like where Zay at? Probably fuckin on her friend, probably LA at Probably plotting on a mil staying where Fay at Bitch don't run your mouth we don't play that Mama taught me better Can't count on niggas, can't count on weather Go figure nigga They ain't worried about this cheddar Them niggas just sky diving in my propellers I don't feel them Ain't trying to be no freshman, I'm chilling Cause they'll bring a knife to the fight, and not kill em Me and my niggas is hungry, we're willing To bring a little ho to the party and Meek Mill 'em I feel like talking my shit Come in the house, acting friendly, you can suck my dick [Bridge] I'm praying for some good rappers and a fleetwood Where I gotta bring my A game, you just D goods We don't wanna hear that weak shit, nigga speak up Rocking old flows corn rows and a beeper You niggas hoes, you niggas hoes And I ain't even trippin Cause we'll be laughing to the bank and riding by these niggas Mikey bring that mink with your low body Bentley Put the hood in the fucking trunk and bring the party with me [Hook] I came, I saw, I conquered I shot you down Now your brain no have no conscious What you do now? I came, I saw, I conquered I shot you down I bang, I bang, I blocka What you do now? No bitch ass rappers, I shot you down No sensitive niggas, I shot you down No bitch ass rappers, I shot you down No Hypebeast pussies, what you do now? I came, I saw, I conquered I shot you down Now I bang, I bang, I blocka Don't make a sound What you do now? [Verse 2: Jay Rock] Everything takes time Is you selling or you buying nigga? Get rich or die trying Yay yay on the stove I had the choppers in the ? to come Just a young nigga tryna get some hundreds I had a little bucket Yeah I rode it like a benz Yeah I spent my little ends on that Butlass Tell me who you trust Look I got my faith in God cause these clown ass niggas all bustas These niggas not Jesus, they ain't gonna die for you And only time will tell what's gonna lie for you It's funny right what a couple lies will do But seeing is believing what defines the truth I keep shooters on the wing when I'm riding through And if niggas out of bounds they gon probably shoot Cause killing is the hobby Eastside niggas yeah we known for catching bodies I used to have a deuce five riding on the trolly On my way to school like dare nigga try me Look, cause where I"m from I'm a blood on the nile Surrounded by blue water, sharks all around me Pigs on my ass, hoes tryna drown me Niggas know I'm up so these haters wanna down me Niggas know I'm king but they don't wanna crown me It's okay, I ain't about to whine about Look, a real nigga for real nigga now check it I'm still here I'm still counting my blessings With no chains on, with no rings on Watching these fake rappers, getting my aim on Pop a shot, kill em all, kill em all And watch em fall like confetti, fuck em all It's just me and my niggas taking over the game And since I conquered this craft, nothing will be the same [Verse 3: Schoolboy Q] Not a dollar on me, this home invasion a payday Two time felon they jerking me on my pay rate Slaving all these hours
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