Текст песни Tracy Chapman - I Did It All

Our Bright Future
Жанр: Folk
Исполнитель: Tracy Chapman
Альбом: Our Bright Future
Длительность: 03:10
Рейтинг: 679
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Загрузил: adserg


Клуб любителей творчества Tracy Chapman ------------------------------------------------------ A Cosmopolitan a Manhattan Call me one Pour a round for me and my friends Cape Cod Sea Breeze Long Island Ice Teas I won't go there or drink it if you paid me When they come to waylay me When they close in for the capture I did it all I did it all For the love and the laughter I did it all I did it all I did it all Slept in late Stayed up for days Partied hard Lived my twenties in haze Smoked second-hand in crowded bars With the A-list of B-list movie stars When they come to arrest me Pat me down and undress me I'll confest without miranda Strike a pose for the tabloid cameras I did it all I did it all I did it all I did it all I didn't ask permission I did it all What kind of life Is not an exhibition I did it all Crash and burn And then you know you're living I did it all Some pain a few tears after I did it all To the last line of the final chapter I did it all I did it all My heat is a wound that festers Seduced my share in silk and polyester Oh my great loves And my few losses I'll tell it all When my little black book is published When they come to interview me For my made for TV movie Say I'm the bitch who was a bastard Who did it all for the love and laughter I did it all I did it all I did it all
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