Текст песни Method Man - The Motto

Tical 0: The Prequel
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Method Man
Альбом: Tical 0: The Prequel
Длительность: 03:25
Рейтинг: 1820
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Загрузил: Partizan


[Intro: Method Man] Yo... aww shhhhhhiiiiiiit! [Hook: Method Man] My niggaz, how we do it? You know it like a poet, baby doll Break through it, you know it like a poet, baby doll I spit, chew it, you know it like a poet, baby doll Get in the music, you know it like a poet, baby doll [Method Man] If you don't know, you better, ask somebody who I be On land, air, or sea, I don't need No I.D Once again, let's get under their skins like I.V.'s Or Roman numerals fours (IV's) who we doin' the score I got a shoe in the door, nothin' new anymore Ya'll got love for me? I got love for you and yours Tical Part 0, my friend, rappers is fightin' Like Tyson, when nothin' else work I'll start bitin' My shit, and his shit, I'm hopin' it end I live my life like a lotto ticket, hopin' it win Purple haze got me chokin' again, open again I'm what's crackin', like your mamma smokin' again [Припев: Method Man] If you see a model, then you might see me follow Rubbin' her thighs like Aladdin rub the Genie bottle Back for another swallow, Method, you know my motto: "Ya'll might just win today, but I'll be back tomorrow" [Method Man] Ya'll tryin' to get me started Who on the short yellow bus tryin' to get retarded? Kid don't be the artist, formerly known as artist Jump off a skyscraper, the roof who hit the hardest Where the bastards at and where they habitats? I send they asses back to foldin' sweaters at the Gap I like Nikes, food spicy, I'm a Pisces That's why women love me and any nigga that's like me Thoroughbread, I'm with gettin' this dough instead Need a ho, like I need another hole in the head Lord help me, I'm crackin' the safe, pocket like 'Face Mighty Healthy, you know I'm the shit, soon as you smelt me [Припев] [Method Man] For what it's worth, the early bird sit at the table and eat first My niggaz need work, mami buggin', rippin' my t-shirt We can kick it until our feet hurt Mothers warn your daughters 'bout this tall drink of water Spoiler, waiter give her anything she order on the menu Method Man, live at your venue Smokin' it, jumpin' off the dick, like he mental Kid, I got a murder rap, and my head is simple Open up the pussy, put the lead in the pencils And people sayin' Wu gon' break up, ya'll We got y'all numbers, it's time ya'll got your wake up calls, and.. [Припев] [2x]
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