Текст песни Method Man - The Prequel (feat. Streetlife)

Tical 0: The Prequel
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Method Man
Альбом: Tical 0: The Prequel
Длительность: 02:07
Рейтинг: 2223
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Загрузил: Partizan


I'm out Once again it's the super, Pied Piper Light your lighters for the future an' I ain't talkin' about Mekhi Phifer Roll it if you got it people, at last the Prequel An' the eye ball, floral is back, you'll find no equals Bang this in your loudest system Now who gonna dis him? Usually it be the brokest niggas But this gonna fix 'em Let me get my 2 guns for rappers that can use help Now that Meth is back, you can tell me how my shoes felt Just like Shaq in them size 22's Except my game's not a game an' I don't play by any rules, man It's time to build without a hard hat an' goggles Even with a map I'm still a hard act to follow Hey, I thought you knew we do this everyday, okay An' I think marijuana is just nature's way of sayin' hi Only hydro buds, I get it crunk It's alright if that bitch don't smoke then get her drunk I pop a lot of shit 'cause I can back it up, what? I got that fire, bitch, it's hard to pass it up, what? While you'll was partyin', I been in the lab You want that dope, give me an hour, plus a pen an' a pad [ Method Man Feat. Streetlife Lyrics are found on ] Aiyo Meth, what they look like? 3rd LP, nigga, better be tight Don't forget where you come from, the hood life Let them know from the door, we ain't the shook type I got that shit that keep your head bobbin' 'cause your neck know Meth, yo, I'm tryin' to get that more dollars then crepe flow For certain, before I put the paint, I put the work in An' each person I catch slippin' gonna need nursin' Got these wannabe gangstas sleepin' with the lights on Shook up by the python, everybody got they eyes on Not only is the streets watchin', the streets is talkin' An' word has it that these rappers don't come around at all Take it from the most stepped on, you're wearin' open toe sandals An' I'm lookin' for some new toes to step on An' one to build a rep on, y'all got me fucked up My crew stick bitches like you for actin' stuck up Method's like that y'all When I return, you know the good herb is back, y'all Ladies and [Incomprehensible] without further ado Let's keep it Wu an' fuck keepin' it real, y'all Just keep it you
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