Текст песни Inferi - The Promethean Kings

The Path Of Apotheosis
Жанр: Melodic Death / Technical Death
Исполнитель: Inferi
Альбом: The Path Of Apotheosis
Длительность: 06:07
Рейтинг: 390
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Загрузил: sanyarock


My mind fills with torment and suffering Watching my world corrode I shall create a race of slaves to harvest Fusing our blood with this simian and a soul To serve our every wish and request They stand forth and call me God Know your master, worship and obey I shall protect you from the fallen one whose wish is to enslave What a horrible mistake to leave them all alone They dwell in the garden seeking the knowledge of our throne Devising a plan to devour the fruit in its whole This blasphemy must be punished, Demolish their souls Strike them down with lightning Quakes will crumble their homes Soak them with flames ever burning This atrocity will drown in a cascade of death Nothing is left, Just remains of their flesh This is a time of great agony This is a time of misfortune and pain Affliction is now upon us But my creation will serve and obey Worshipers of the shining serpent Will reap the fruits of my dismay Praise must given, exalt unto me No harm will be done to thee, as long as I breathe I am the creator from a golden throne I lead I am the chosen Promethean King [Solo M. Pugh] [Solo M. Low] [Solo M. Pugh] I am everlasting, never question my rule It is my will to sustain their lives You have the heart of a fool You have grown weak and forgiving Crush them all with no sign of regret Enemies of our heavenly alliance Must pay for their sins with death [Solo M. Low] Enemies of the golden throne must pay with their death I am the king of all kings You are blinded by rage and ignorance These mortals must not be our enemies
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