Текст песни A Certain Ratio - Shack Up

In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
Жанр: Synthpop / Industrial / Experimental
Исполнитель: A Certain Ratio
Альбом: In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
Длительность: 03:17
Рейтинг: 516
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Skinwolf


Wipe out the problems of past society (Shack up, shack up) Is that we can live together baby, unless you can feel the heat (Shack up, shack up) We can love together, work together, sleep together. (Shack up, shack up) So why can't we live together? And shack up baby, shack up. You can talk about the wedding ceremony, (Shack up, shack up) And I know its just a phony (Shack up, shack up) Marriage is a big commitment, yeah (Shack up, shack up) I bet you find life hard to live with (Shack up, shack up) I love you now, but that don't say I'm gonna love you forever (Shack up, shack up) So I don't believe in alimony, all day long (Shack up, shack up) Though I think we'd ought to, Shack up baby, shack up
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