Текст песни Comeback Kid - Hailing On Me

Жанр: Hardcore
Исполнитель: Comeback Kid
Альбом: Broadcasting
Длительность: 02:59
Рейтинг: 371
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Lain


I was wrong, but I just can't I won't acknowledge it I couldn't help but to admire Step in a place where nothing else matters at all Suspicion leaked when they called Hail on my head if I tell But maybe I can fix this quick I'll cover up while it's getting closer to me But I can't gauge how much to hide Panicking! Underestimate the risk Overconfidence This time I hit and missed Overconfidence It all depends on the delivery It's coming my way and I'm just hoping to survive I'll have them know I'll give them something Something to hold on to They'll never make me scrape Scrape from the bottom of this deep hole My hand are trembling My body is shivering I've been exposed Filtered through a maze of rumored facts All I've withheld coming to the surface Hailing on me
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