Текст песни B-Real - Psycho Realm Revolution (feat. Sick Jacken)

Smoke N Mirrors
Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: B-Real
Альбом: Smoke N Mirrors
Длительность: 04:46
Рейтинг: 1224
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Загрузил: matherfuckers


[Verse 1] I roll harder than I ever did, smarter than I ever was Careful what you’re caught up in, gangster a hustler Enemies are close by with emptying semis I’m friendly and carrying a grudge, we don’t budge Try to judge, we the ones screaming out fuck love Meaning we don’t give a fuck what you’re thinking of us Cause when you grow up in the lost cities, better be quick Cause bullets are coming at a high velocity spit Searching for the lost souls, all of them are hostile This is what it costs you travelling the crossroads Paint it like Picasso, memorize how the song goes Got you in a stronghold in song mode The last of the psychos, ride the legend It’s a fine line to ride between Hell and Heaven This is what you waited on, others hated on Still we made it on, never faded on Haters say we take it long [Chorus] Crazy ass psychos looting It’s the return of the Psycho Realm Revolution It’s the streets and the coppers are shooting Pick up your guns cause we’re back to what we were doing Drinking, fighting, and shooting Pick up your guns, it’s the Psycho Realm Revolution The Sick Side Army is moving Through the streets, it’s a Psycho Realm Revolution [Verse 2] When the Realm returns with two thirds watch the game be burned Cyclone, hurricane and the crazy ? Sick Side Army stay on me, this lady ? I keep my skill fine tuned with a daily ? Some Jack and herb, a little bit of talent ? Will get my mind right for spitting these words We’re still here homie, fuck what you heard The games going to the street and it so happens that’s where I serve Still fuck the hoolah, we still fuck with the psycho buddha On the hill where they burn weed like plastic shooters These Glock 17’s, they drop enemies It rarely happens till the meth and rock intervenes I pen a scene, this menacing like any target Getting in the way of my red vision killer beam Go solo, get a team, keep yourself barely seen And get prepared for the return of the Eloheem [Chorus] [Verse 3] We’re the reason that you got blown, the legend is colossal Sicker than we’ve ever been living by the lost code Thoughts on the long road, we carry momentum With the venom to send em home and end em Let it be known we steadily readily roam ? chrome to ripping a clone And making you disassemble the microphone Return of the cyclone, smoking of the pipe blown I and my disciple got you in a blindfold My brain’s stained with visions of ‘caine, I’m on the fast lane Bullet train takes me to a prison for fame Rap street slang cause man, these streets don’t listen the same The psycho, they just click and they aim Some of them slain, most are insane And they don’t really give a fuck about the death or the pain Know what I mean? My music soundtracks this Everyone should have this Nowadays the exchange of tracklist is ? [Chorus]
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