Текст песни Diamond Rain - Diamond Rain

Take My Love
Жанр: Disco / Italo Disco
Исполнитель: Diamond Rain
Альбом: Take My Love
Длительность: 04:50
Рейтинг: 1486
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Загрузил: 33250236


Diamond rain Now you're sitting at the top of the world, You can't remember how it was before, You think of nothing and it always been the same. And all those people running around, Doing everything you want and more, You got the money and keep on playing the game. Chorus Walking in a diamond rain, Walking in a diamond rain, Walking in a diamond rain, feel no pleasure, feel no pain, Walking in a diamond rain. Life is a gamble and you're on the streets, You think you're winning, but you're all alone, You clean the bank but you don't understand. Watch out, your luck will change real soon, And all those diamonds gonna turn to stone, You got nobody when you need a helping hand. Chorus Some folks are strong, some folks are not, Some folks stay when it's getting hot, Some got to go when their comforts run away. I hope you're ready when your luck runs out, You'll see just what life's about, Your diamond rain's gonna end someday. Chorus
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