Текст песни Cisco Kid - Pizzaman

Дискотека Казанова - Жажда Скорости XXXX
Жанр: Hard Trance / Hard House
Исполнитель: Cisco Kid
Альбом: Дискотека Казанова - Жажда Скорости XXXX
Длительность: 04:17
Рейтинг: 490
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: Harry Johnson


One day I went to Malta to a big hotel. In the morning I go down to eat a breakfast. I tell the waitress “I wanna two pieces of toast.” She brings me only one piece. I tell her “I want two piece!” She say “Go to the toilet!” I say “You no understand, I want two piece on my plate!” She say “You better not piss on the table you son of a bitch!”I don’t even know the lady and she call me a son of a beach! Later, I go to eat at a bigger restaurant. The waiter brings be a spoon, a knife, but no fock (fork). I tell her I wanted a fock. She tell me “Everybody wanna fuck.” I tell her “You no understand, I wanna fock on the table.” She say “You better no fuck on the table you son of a bitch! So I go back to my room in a hotel, and there is no sheets on the bed. “Call the manager, I’m telle himm I wanna sheet.” He telle me to go to the toilet! I say “You no understand, I want a sheet on my bed!” He said “You better not shit on the bed you son of a bitch!” I go to the checkout and the man at the desk said “Peace on you,” I said “PISS ON YOU TOO YOU SON OF A BEACH! I’M GOING BACK TO ITALIA! Arrivederci!”
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