Текст песни Centiment - Defenders Of Oasis

Streets Of Rage
Жанр: Nu-Metal / Melodic Death / Progressive Death Metal
Исполнитель: Centiment
Альбом: Streets Of Rage
Длительность: 04:02
Рейтинг: 360
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Загрузил: Бэккер


I'll never give up on you. I couldn't if I wanted to. I'll never give up on us. Me & you we've both been together since we were back in the womb. You hit my heart, right at the very start I was humming an umbilical tune. I thank my Father for the afterbirth was filled with you. You sat deep in my heart & we've never been apart. You are more than art to me. You are the only constant in a world that constantly rotates. You are the glorious monster that never destroys only creates. You consume me like a euphonious sentient disease. In a world of greed you are my one need. You are the hand that feeds. You created a world inside my head. I'll lead this world until I'm dead. You made a king out of me in my own undiscovered country. You are my exploration songs. You are the rights explored from wrongs. You are my undiscovered triggered emotion. You are my eternal ocean. Defenders of Oasis. You affect my behaviour, you're my only saviour. I owe everything to you. I have nothing to teach you but I have everything to learn from you.
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