Текст песни Stewart Copeland - Don't Box Me In

Rumble Fish
Жанр: Reggae / Psychedelic / New Wave
Исполнитель: Stewart Copeland
Альбом: Rumble Fish
Длительность: 04:41
Рейтинг: 446
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Загрузил: ageageage


You walk, I'll run And follow right behind you You call, I'll come And I won't remember where I come from Over there, at the end of the bar This fish keeps swimmin' in a jar I feel a tug on the line Which end will I be on this time? Chorus: Don't box me in Don't box me in Don't box me in Don't box me in One day I'll show them Just what I'm made of There'll be a time When I won't remember what I was afraid of And I'll be swimmin' in the sea No banging on this glass for me My eyes turned red when my life turned blue So I'm leaving everything, that's true And I'll jump into A brand new skin Chorus: And then you won't be able to box me in Don't box me in Don't box me in Let go There's a few places 'round That I've never been There's an ocean out there That I gotta swim There's a river that flows Right past my door I wonder I wonder... ...what? And if sometimes I can't seem to talk You'll know this blackboard lacks a piece of chalk. Chorus: Don't box me in I told you not to¨c¨cdon't box me in Don't box me in Don't box me in Let go
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