Текст песни Angel Haze - Black Dahlia

Dirty Gold
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Angel Haze
Альбом: Dirty Gold
Длительность: 05:30
Рейтинг: 494
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Загрузил: method_85


[Intro: Natalia Kills] You should write a song where the concept is… You’re basically writing like a love letter, or like a piece of advice To your mother, when she was your age [Bridge: Angel Haze] I don’t know Maybe I would write you a happy ending I would rearrange the pieces to your sad beginning I would put you far away from the decaying roots that bore you And let you experience all the ways that happiness could bloom before you Or maybe I’m naïve… Maybe I’m just a kid who thought that if she could plant a seed It would somehow grow inside you [Verse 1: Angel Haze] Spent so much of my time wishing you were different But reality is that, where life could never be provisioned But if I could wish for one thing, I’d go back and I’d fix it I’d tackle all your obstacles and kill them with precision And better the intentions of every single person Who play a part in you learning exactly what your worth is I’d shower you with purpose, I’d wipe hate off the surface I’d reshape all your pain and make it fucking worth it No more feeling worthless, no more fucking searching No more of that fraud shit, nobody else could hurt you Yeah, said nobody else could hurt you And if they ever tried too I’d wipe ‘em from the Earth too Cuz I know that you hurting baby, I know that you tired too I know that you been running from everything that’s behind you I know that you’ve been burying everything deep inside you I can see it killing you, wish that I could revive you But I’m stuck sitting in this time frame Struggling with my demons and playing these stupid mind game One day it could get better, maybe it could get better Maybe we could change shit, no more inclement weather Know you hated your mom, know it went through your mind You were just like me, wish that you had more time To see life from a different angle, wrestle with a different angel Wouldn’t lose your wings and fall from heaven like a cliffhanger [Verse 2: Angel Haze] Everything is different now, nothing is the same And nowadays I swear it feels like you don’t know my name But I look at the mirror and I see you every day I’m you in every way, every hue and every shade And maybe you should know, it’s the last thing that I wanted Cuz what I hate about you makes me feel like I’m haunted And I don’t wanna spend the rest of my time on the run and- So I’m just gonna confront it, yeah I’m just gonna confront it And tell you that I love you for everything you made me And that you need to hear this even if it makes you angry God lives inside you, you’ve already found him The Devil lives in memories and you just let him hound you [?] the church for everything that they taught you It’s just a fucking stain that I wish I could wipe off you That I wish I could wipe off you And I forgive you for doing everything that it cost you Everything that it cost you Fame is such a heavy price I wish it didn’t cost you Losing a part of me that would follow you to Hell Follow you to hatred, or follow you to jail Followed you to patterns that I could never get out of Now I realize that I could never make it with that love Now I realize that shit is the alternative outcome Never wanted you to save me, I just wish I count some I just wish that you grew up with someone you could count on I just wish you knew that you could never make it without love For your goddamn self, and that you never ever find it in anybody else Cuz I would help you find you And if I saw it killing you I swear I would revive you And if that meant the end of me I’d do it all for you so you could have your happy end and peace [Bridge 2: Natalia Kills] Because, you are such a special thing You’re not just my mom, but you’re the reason I exist And the best life that you could’ve had for yourself without making a mistake Would have meant I woulda had a nicer childhood And even though my childhood
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