Текст песни Svartby - Morbid Quag

Karl's Egg Farm
Жанр: Folk Metal
Исполнитель: Svartby
Альбом: Karl's Egg Farm
Длительность: 03:38
Рейтинг: 291
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: punk cinderella


Far, far Dark might has spread Claimed the ancient forests Weak, small Razed hamlets Left in desolation What's beyond The city walls Ain't an easy target Morbid scab Of townsfolk Reeks with human stench Marshland Spread around the walls Witches Bane the creatures of the swamp, Swamp Toads, sludge Willows, moss Sweet and wet smell of rot Go for it, Accept the swamp Quag's your next-door pal now Green, yellow Glaring eyes Staring through mire fog Muffled songs Of slime and ooze Slurped and whispered from the bog Twisted Gene pools Molding flesh and herb Raising Dead bodies From the grounds of glory Mutated Monsters creep Greet new snouts and faces Quaggy grounds Instead of fields Not a playground anymore
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