Текст песни Ice Cube - My Summer Vacation

Death Certificate
Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Ice Cube
Альбом: Death Certificate
Длительность: 03:57
Рейтинг: 3204
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: NeoNY


[airline attendant] This is the final boarding call for flight 1259 departing from Los Angeles, final destination to St. Louis Thank you [Ice Cube] Damn G, the spot's gettin hot So how the fuck am I supposed to make a knot? Police looking at niggaz through a microscope In L.A. everybody and they momma sell dope They trying to stop it So what the fuck can I do to make a profit? Catch a flight to St. Louis That's cool, cause nobody knew us We stepped off the plane Four gang bangers, professional crack slangers Rented a car at wholesale Drove to the ghetto, and checked in a motel Unpacked and I grab the three-eighty Cause where we stayin, niggaz look shady But they can't fade South Central Cause bustin a cap is fundamental Checkin out every block close Seein which one will clock the most Yeah this is the one no doubt Bust a U Bone, and let's clear these niggaz out Ay ay man, whassup nigga? Yo, well this Lench Mob nigga! [gun shots] Now clearin em out meant casualties Still had the L.A. mentality Bust a cap, and out of there in a hurry Wouldn't you know, a driveby in Missouri Them fools got popped Took their corner next day, set up shop And it's better than slangin in the Valley Triple the profit makin more than I did in Cali Breakin off rocks like Barney Rubble Cause them mark-ass niggaz don't want trouble And we ain't on edge when we do work Police don't recognize the khakis and the sweatshirts Getting bitches and they can't stand a Nineteen-ninety-one Tony Montana Now the shit's like a war of gang violence, where it was never seen before Punks whirl when the gat bust Four jheri curl niggaz kickin up dust And some of them are even lookin up to us Wearing our colors and talkin that gang fuss Giving up much love Dyin for a street, that they ain't even heard of But other motherfuckers want to stand strong So you know the phrase, once again it's on [TV announcer] Top of the news tonight, gangs from South Central Los Angeles which are known for their driveby shootings have migrated into East St. Louis leaving three dead and two others injured No arrests have been made Police say this is a nationwide trend with similar incidents occuring in Texas, Michigan, and Oklahoma (female voice repeating in background: "If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere") [Ice Cube] BOOM, my homie got shot he's a goner black St. Louis niggaz want they corner back Shooting in snowy weather It's illegal business, niggaz still can't stick together Fuckin police got the four-one-one that L.A. ain't all, surf and sun But we ain't thinkin, bout the boys Feudin, like the Hatfields and McCoys Now the shit's gettin tricky Cause now they lookin for the colors and the khakis Damn, the spot's gettin hot from the battle About to pack up and start slangin in Seattle But the NARCs, raid about six in the morning Try to catch a nigga while he's yawnin Put his glock to my chest as I paused Went to jail in my motherfuckin drawers Tryin to give me, fifty-seven years Face'll be full of those tattooed tears It's the same old story and the same old nigga stuck And the public defender ain't givin a fuck The fool must be sparkin Talkin about a double life plea bargain You got to deal with the Crips and Bloods by hand G Plus the Black Guerilla family And the white pride don't like Northside And it's a riot if any more niggaz die No parole or probation Now this is a young man's summer vacation No chance for rehabilitation Cause look at the motherfuckin years that I'm facin I'ma end it like this cause you know what's up My life is fucked
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