Текст песни Idensity - Sekhmet

Жанр: Melodic Death / Progressive Metal
Исполнитель: Idensity
Альбом: Chronicles
Длительность: 05:46
Рейтинг: 213
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"Hello to you, Sekhmet. We praise ceaselessly for your face, Goddess Auguste, lady of the sky, Sekhmet Divine eye" Born with woman features I am death, in all its beauty I, the Lioness, who dare to challenge RA Let me approach, without distrust, Chaos will not rule the earth I am the huntress, who is going to track you down I, Lethal Goddess, will chase you I, Merciless Goddess, in every corner Feel my claws, your fate between my teeth Feel my claw, feed me! Give me sacrifices I'll get drunk from your blood Recite prayers and litanies This seed must destroy This rebellion in humanity Withdrawal symptoms Want it more Only my sleep Will grant mankind rest I will open their chest This rebels, this thankless Oh RA should I stop? The blood calls to blood I'll slaughter them all "I wake up from a new thirst which only blood can quench, 700 jars would not be enough, my bloodthirstiness is endless, but why RA? What have you done?" I'm the sweet ATHOR again, but it's too late for men Death and disease will follow them, 'til the end Death and disease will follow them, from the newborn child to the old man
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