Текст песни Jaldaboath - Warrior Monks Of Whitehawk

The Further Andventures...
Жанр: Folk Metal
Исполнитель: Jaldaboath
Альбом: The Further Andventures...
Длительность: 05:19
Рейтинг: 380
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Загрузил: roman6673


Warrior Monks! Whitehawk! Warrior Monks! The warrior monks are on their way No absolution, they're gonna make you pay Cos you've been bad and you'd better beware If you're living sin, you'd better say your prayers They'll take your teeth out with a crucifix Remove your balls and fill your sack with bricks So stop your talking and finish your beer There's no escaping, they're already here! The Warrior Monks of Whitehawk Permitted to kill, but not allowed to talk A vow of silence and killing for the Lord All naughty boys and girls die by the sword The executors of Cardinal Sin Drink their Bucky and then begin Free from the cloisters ordained to kill The removal of limbs is their holy skill Rome has decreed you will be slain For mead and wenches are on your brain There's no way out, you will succumb To red hot pokers up the bum "Brethren - we are gathered here today to take our holy vows of violence. To venture beyond the borders of darkest Whitehawk, and to prosletyse the unwashed masses of Brighthelmstone & Hova. For they live by the ways of the Devil and his minions, and must be purged of this ungodly heresy, if needs be by tortuous death." "To war! God wills it!" They return to the abbey with their severed heads Say their prayers, climb into bed They dream of when they'll again be free To preach the word of god on a killing spree
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