Текст песни Alghazanth - With Sickle, With Scythe

The Three-Faced Pilgrim
Жанр: Sympho Black
Исполнитель: Alghazanth
Альбом: The Three-Faced Pilgrim
Длительность: 10:11
Рейтинг: 411
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Загрузил: Бэккер


With fingers of grey-white bone Thrice you knock on my chamber door Once for the mind, once for the soul Once for the flesh twitching on the floor Cut the cords of time With sickle and scythe Under the wings of oblivion lies my haven In their shadow alone can I find rest From the book of being I have torn out the pages Spilled I have the ink of eternal existence Many have named you Mystery Daring not to part your veil But I've stared you straight in the eye And I've learnt your real names Liberator, Redeemer, the Mask of Sooth Your call is the knell that frees us From the Spell Untrue A universe is crushed... Naught remains The burden of the aeons past I now relinquish Vanishing human memories, so fast forgotten Like a handful of dirt thrown into the north wind The white fortress of thoughts The earth has claimed her own And the red mansion of life The abyss swallowed whole But the ice-cold void of eternity's limitless vault Will treasure the triumphant spark That furthers their fall Three thorns as black as coal You drove through my very core One for the mind, one for the soul One for the flesh lying on the floor Cut the cords of time With sickle and scythe On a narrow path my feet have trodden Only the ghosts of frozen trees watching the steps The high hills of time I have traversed Fighting my way through a world of shells To lie down with the wolves
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