Текст песни B.o.B - All I Want

Underground Luxury
Жанр: Pop Rap
Исполнитель: B.o.B
Альбом: Underground Luxury
Длительность: 03:40
Рейтинг: 1244
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: TheSupremeHop


"All I Want" [Intro:] I want everything I see I wanna go in every mall in every state in every country and buy shit Whether I can afford it or not, nigga I want bitches, I want cars, I don’t give a fuck, I want it all That’s what the fuck we’re here for [Bridge:] Say enough about a dream nigga I’m just tryna keep it real nigga It’s just so many woman It’s just so many chains It’s just so many watches It’s just too many things I want! It’s just so many trips It’s just so many bottles It’s just too many whips It’s just too many models I want! [Hook:] All I want is money Money, money, money That’s all I want Big face hundred Hundred, hundred, hundred That’s all I want, that’s all I want That’s all I want, that’s all I want [Verse 1:] Not a day’s goes by It ain’t on my mind I ain’t gon frunt I ain’t gon lie I'd rather have an em Than an empty pocket If hundreds ain’t in them Them jeans ain’t mine, I I swear I won muthafucka I’ll never be a bum muthafucka You talking about like it ain’t about the money You just sound like a dumb muthafucka A house on the hill by the lake All real niggas can relate You tryna book me for free? But my rent is due on today A Better life is what we’re after Because every dream I gotta capture I always knew that I would blow up one day Like a nuclear reactor [Hook] [Verse 2:] From the cradle to a label From decatur to the majors to papers, no more neighbors I used to say I never cared about the money until I put food on my momma’s table Follow the trail Could’ve been in jail The way that I live Could have been fatal Must have had an angel It’s funny how I’m always on the screen But as a teen I never had cable But now I won it all The world, the ladies, the whips I took a fantasy and made it exist No one ever handed a shit We took what we had and made it this shit That’s just from the dust to the luxury Being off in the cut, the cutlery That’s the gist, that’s the summary So if you feel how I'm feeling then fuck with me! [Hook] [Bridge]
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