Текст песни :( - Games Hetfield

World Wide Web
Жанр: 8-bit / Powerpop
Исполнитель: :(
Альбом: World Wide Web
Длительность: 03:30
Рейтинг: 323
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Загрузил: forever_faded


The numbers collect for our eyes But it's not thought about If you all just stop Posting pictures of yourselves You'd have the time to make your mark Our world digital A world where a voice can be bought Freedom for our thought If we escape the rules, of everything We won't have to breathe In a world with restricted lives Go! Go! Go! Break down the walls Break down the seams Go! Go! Go! Just stop to say Please stop the dumbing down The posing scenes Unity… we can be It's sad to see the youth All so uninspired They're just satisfied With living so normally See past the line You're hanging from We can live in vibrancy It's our world if we make it
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