Текст песни ForthAngel - Amistad

London Bridges
Жанр: Alternative Rock / Alternative Metal / Modern Rock
Исполнитель: ForthAngel
Альбом: London Bridges
Длительность: 03:28
Рейтинг: 700
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: dominator_x


You can't stop me I won't give up you can't stop me What would you believe if I told ya of all the people that would just love to see me fall would it make them happy if I just gave up if it's any consequence I'm not doing this for them When my dreams are drifting farther away am I strong enough to follow through until the end chorus Sing with me this song I'm not gonna rest until I'm done cause one day I will hold my head up high and show the whole world I never gave up and that's why I'm not giving up You can't stop me I won't give up Would you call me a hypocrite if I told ya there are some days I could just burn this whole world down how can you judge what I've done with my life cause I'm not like you how could you judge my life when I've given everything how could you judge what I've done with my life cause I'm not like you I'm not like you I'm not like you When people say you're not enough you'll never make it anywhere just close your eyes and sing this song Just close your eyes and sing chorus If you sing this song you'll feel much better the hope in your heart will last forever I'm not giving up If you live for God and hope for heaven the choices you make will last forever Don't ever give up don't ever give up this is for all you haters out there We'll here's a scream for you RAW
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