Текст песни Christophe Beck - More Than Just The Spare (Outtake)

Frozen - OST / Холодное Сердце - Саундтрек [Score]
Жанр: Pop / OST
Исполнитель: Christophe Beck
Альбом: Frozen - OST / Холодное Сердце - Саундтрек [Score]
Длительность: 03:26
Рейтинг: 844
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Загрузил: ELS-Y


Anna: Spare...? Am I really just the spare? I’m not part of the town, not born to be queen Just somebody hopelessly in-between She’s the scholar, athlete, poet I’m the screw up, don’t I know it But then who could ever compare? Of course they’re gonna think I’m just the spare Well I won’t care So I’m the extra button on a coat In case another one comes loose But if I have to be a button Why can't I be a button that’s of use? (oops!) I may lack style and I may lack grace And once in a while I might fall on my face But this little button deserves a place in the sky This button wants to fly Wait, buttons can’t fly, it doesn’t make any sense! So I’m a rusty horseshoe hanging up Over somebody’s old barn door And I’ll be hanging there forever Just wishing the horse had one leg more And maybe I can’t be the perfect one And maybe I err on the side of fun But horseshoes need a chance to run somewhere This horseshoe is more than just a spare Someday I’ll find my thing A thing that’s on my own That thing that makes me part of something Not just all alone If only all this feeling I have in my heart Could mean something to someone, how I’d love to play that part So I’m just the second born sister Who most of the town ignores Like a button, like a horseshoe Like a girl who’s bad at metaphors Maybe I don’t have a magic touch And maybe I don’t have a talent as such Just this heart with much too much to share So I’ll never be the heir, but I’m more than just a spare
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