Текст песни Hopsin - Hip Hop Sinister

Knock Madness
Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Hopsin
Альбом: Knock Madness
Длительность: 03:50
Рейтинг: 717
MP3: Скачать
Загрузил: AndrewCG


[Intro] I'm changing man I thought I was supposed to be this hip hop savior But I have turned into a sinister [Verse 1] Yeah, wack niggas prepare to die You ain't got nowhere to hide I'm knockin at your fuckin door You scared cause you know Hell arrived Niggas gon get dealt with rhymes It's just me, myself and I I low-key run this rap shit You don't know cause it ain't televised This is war, gentleman (kill) My flow is filled with more venom Than George Zimmerman in his car chillin With a loaded .44 tucked into his drawers fidgetin Itchin to find a brand new casket to store niggas in Ya'll just make me laugh and giggle Call me out on tracks then bitch I'll pound on you Like that vendin machine that stole my pack of Skittles Niggas thought the old me dissolved and I went soft After my album Raw but nah bitch I evolved I'm takin over shit easily I rarely do collaborations cause y'all ain't qualified to be in a league with me Hop just let the beast unleashed Someone get this freak a leash I'm snapping on all you, leavin every MC deceased [Hook](X2) I'm the motherfucking hip hop sinister Murder, nigga murder Cause niggas thought I was done, but I ain't finished up Murder, nigga murder [Verse 2] Motherfucker we makin history A million independently So kiss my fucking ass Left or right you get to pick the cheek You don't ball you just pretend to do to make the chicks believe But your label is fucking you like Ruthless Records did to me Stop with the compliments, I've been locked in my momma's den Plottin when I will be droppin this Hopsin apocalypse Bombin the competent Rap goblins mobbin the continent Gotta be dominant I'm surprised that God isn't vomiting I'm wearin a badge, tearin your ass Another vag, cuttin through necks, til they barely attached Me and this game are one of the same, like Jarren and crack The darkness is arrived, so make a flare with a match You got skill? Where is it at? I haven't seen it, who dares to attack a genius? You'll get managed I'll have you gag your penis Until you throw up your own liver (nuts) I don't give a (fuck), the flow ripper (what) [Hook](X2) [Verse 3] Now if I stop bein who I am, that would upset me I'll never change for none of your wack-ass deadbeats I struggled to change for J. Christ to accept me I don't even change clothes, shit not even my bed sheets When I step inside the booth and rhyme Rappers commit suicide And jump in front of a moving semi-truck Like it was cool to die Niggas is watered down Fuck it it's time to scuba dive Better get on your knees and pray to God and hope that you survive Killin rappers like I condone violence I murder you and when your soul is floatin to hell I ghostride it You won't last living in this cold climate, so don't try it I know I'm ill, I don't need no pussies to co-sign it Commercial niggas thinking they carry the torch It's going to be very hilarious when I bury your corpse So next time you spit a fucking rhyme that's too simple I'll jump kick your ass through the glass of the booth window [Hook](X2)
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